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Sterling Silver Teaspoon

Sterling Silver Teaspoon




Jewlery for your breakfast table!


This hand-casted sterling silver tea (or coffee) spoon is the creation of LA jewlery designer, Gia Bahm.  Known for unique and innovative designs that are both timeless and timely. Gia has over 13 years of expertise in jewelry design and production. She designs one of a kind pieces, seasonal collections, custom design pieces, special collaborations, and commissioned projects.


Every one of Gia's pieces are one-of-a kind and will vary slightly from the piece pictured.


We are proud to carry a special selection of Gia's sterling silver spoons as well as her cast brass cabinetry pulls.


Sterling silver.

5.25” long.

Made in Los Angeles.

  • Care Guide


    Hand -wash your sterling silverware immediately after each use. This helps to avoid staining and tarnishing that some foods accelerate. Use a mild dishwashing liquid, and dry your silverware completely with a soft cloth (like flannel). Always wash your sterling and stainless separately, and only store silverware after it has cooled.

    If you use your silverware regularly, store it in a clean drawer free from moisture. If you store your silver for a length of time, place it in either flannel flatware rolls, or in a wooden storage chest with protective lining.

    Never wrap your silverware in any type of plastic, rubber bands, or newspaper. These items contain high amounts of sulfur which will accelerate tarnishing

    The best way to avoid tarnish is to use your silver! Constant use of your silverware will keep it bright and shiny, and will certainly enhance your dining table.

    If you use your silverware regularly, you will only have to polish it once or twice a year, at most. Use a very soft cloth, such as flannel, to polish your silverware. Use a non-abrasive foaming paste cleaner, or Hagerty's Spray Polish. Avoid all-purpose metal cleaners, and dip cleaners.

    Like most precious metals, silver will scratch and chafe as it is used. This is normal, and adds to the silver's character. The scratches will eventually give silver its patina, the soft, rich glow that is prized in old silver.

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