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The Core Collection: Small-Batch Ceramics

This family of stoneware made in the USA, including, but not limited to, cups, plates, and bowls, is intended for everyday use. These pieces create a solid foundation that will work effortlessly with the tableware that is already on your shelves. Mix this collection with vintage finds or Grandma’s wedding china to create your own personal aesthetic. These hard-wearing pots are made to be used and enjoyed every day. The glazes are food-safe, and most do just fine in the dishwasher or microwave. 


Every piece of the Core Collection is individually formed and glazed by hand in the fdp studio+shop, so there are variations in size, shape, and glaze that are not found in mass-produced tableware. This variability is integral to the beauty of handmade ceramics.


Most of the Core Collection is made to order, though some pieces are in stock and ready to ship. 

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