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Handmade Pottery Planter Pot

Handmade Pottery Planter Pot



Our handcrafted fdp ceramic planter pot is wheelthrown using chocolate brown stoneware clay. Every pot is embellished with hand carving and then finished with matte white accent glaze.


This planter is pretty enough for indoor use and rugged enough for outdoor settings. We recommend protecting it from frost and freezing if used outside.


 Approximately 5.5 inches high with a diameter of 6 inches, it's designed with a drainage hole at the bottom, ensuring optimal plant health. Transfer your favorite plant into this pot and watch it thrive. The porous stoneware clay minimizes the risk of root rot created by soggy feet.  Use a drip plate indoors to protect table and counter surfaces from water marks.


You may also choose to keep your houseplant in its original nursery pot and use this planter pot as a decorative cachepot 


The handmade process ensures that no two are exactly alike. We believe that these subtle variations enhance the beauty of handmade ceramic pottery.

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